Anniversaries have always been an important social convention in our society, and when something lasts for ten or more years in our uncertain and ever-changing world – it must mean that it possesses certain qualities and positive characteristics. The iPhone is one such product, and Apple, the company that designs and sells this device, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its smartphone. The first one was introduced all the way back in June 2007, and over the years, it has managed to become one of the most popular mobile devices on the planet.
Since Apple is in a festive mood, the rumors and speculations are surrounding their offices in Cupertino, California, and various leaks are starting to appear when it comes to the design and features of a new iPhone model. The code name for this new smartphone is not yet published, and various sources claim that iPhone 8 will be the name of the successor of the flagship model iPhone 7. However, other sources state that Apple may present us with three new versions during 2017 and that the name of the brand new ultra-premium device will be iPhone X since ten years have passed since the start of the series.

Design And The Appearances Of The New Model

iPhone 8, which is the common nickname for the new release, could also be named iPhone Pro, but we will just have to wait until the late September or early October when Apple usually makes the grand presentations of their products to find out the name of the new flagship model. However, leaked videos can provide us with an idea of how will the new iPhone look like regarding design, and some notable changes could be introduced in the autumn.
For instance, the new smartphone will probably feature a curved 5.8 inches OLED screen, which will provide it with a brighter display and more vivid colors. Also, the new “edge-to-edge” design of the screen will attract a lot of customers, and the same can said about the home button which will now “disappear” into the phone. Of course, the device will be thinner and more ergonomic.

Performances And Additional Features

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said that the new device would be “extraordinary” and “revolutionary,” which means that we can look forward to some impressive and highly exciting new features. For example, rumor has it that the so-called iPhone 8 will have a significantly improved iOS, and this system will support various services and tools.

Some of those features include Touch ID sensor and a facial recognition feature. Fingerprint readers are already incorporated into modern smartphones, but it seems that Apple is taking this technology one step further. Wireless charging, up to 15 feet away, will become a norm with the new model, and this device will also come equipped with a Smart Connector. Of course, our good old friend Siri will still stay by our side, but this service will also become “better and more efficient” with the release of iPhone 8 or iPhone X, no matter how you want to call it.