Technology often brings improvement, however, sometimes latest technological advancements are not really that useful or sound downright silly. That being said, not everything that is new is necessarily better. Having that in mind, read the following latest advances in rifle optic technology and think long and hard about whether or not you would necessarily use these rifles if you were looking for the best rifle scope.

A Rifle That Makes The Call When To Shoot

If there had ever been a more ludicrous idea, then we have not heard of it yet. Still, this comes pretty close. A rifle is a machine that cannot be held responsible for knowing what and where to shoot. This can not only be dangerous, but it is from the start a very bad idea.


In addition to that, developing the optic technology to do something like that, must have taken a while and spending money on something like this is a complete waste of resources, be it time or money.

A Smart Rifle With A Smart Phone

A Smart Rifle With A Smart PhoneThen we have the smart rifle which had been developed so that it can easily be connected to a smartphone and social media. Since the people have embraced the technology, the smart rifle developers thought to themselves it would be a great idea to post videos of shooting directly on whatever social media you pick. They have explained that hunters and target shooters of the younger generations are inclined to share everything on social media, so they have made it possible for the rifle to use Wi-Fi connection and a smart tracking system that will even allow you to be miles away from your rifle and still go hunting.

Rifle Optics We Did Not Ask For

When it comes to rifle optics and its development, it suffice to say that rifle optics should just provide a better vision for the shooter and that is as far as it has to be taken. The better the optics, the better the results, but some of these novel ideas are absolutely ridiculous. In addition to that, all this unnecessary technological development raises the price of the rifles and makes rifles more unattainable to people who would like to own a modern, yet traditional rifle.


If you are a hunter, it is a better idea to choose a rifle that has such optics that will not get in the way of your results, rather than the one which is modern, because as you can see the latest technological advancements often mean it is just a bunch of unnecessary tools that can only make your rifle a lot more expensive and unnecessarily burden you with different kinds of options you do not really need in rifle optics.