Italian cousin is quite famous in America. I guess that first thing that crosses our mind when we mention Italy is pizza, but meals that are rooted in their tradition go beyond any junk food we can buy in local parlors. If you want to try the authentic taste of this mesmerizing country, feel their culture and eat traditional dishes and spices, then we recommend you to visit one of many Italian restaurants in Miami. Don’t expect to buy a cheap plate of pasta because most of these establishments are reputable and well respected. But, let’s look at the places which are worthy of your money.


pastaMiami has a lot of restaurants which think that $24 for pasta plate is a reasonable price, but that’s not the case with Salumeria 104. The guys who run this restaurant don’t really support this price range. Here you have an opportunity to order eight different types of Italian meals for a single-digit price. For example, if you want to venture into something like the cavatelli with house-made ricotta, it won’t cost you more than $20. The portions are significant enough to keep you sated without emptying your wallet.


Miami is a city with limitless possibilities, and Cibo Wine Bar is one of the hallmarks of the town. Based on the name you can conclude it’s a part bar part restaurant. It stores more than 3,500 bottles of wine; they surround 12,000sqft restaurant and visitor have a remarkable view of bottles which are placed in two-story cases. The restaurant offers a variety of meals, and you can try homemade pasta and sauces and wood – oven pizza, which is a rarity nowadays.


Each city in America has tiny secluded restaurants which are difficult to find, only know by locals but run by people from Italy. They usually offer a fantastic food and friendly chat with patrons. In case you are still wondering whether to dive into this adventure, then we recommend you to visit the La Locanda, the place which makes the best pizza in Miami.


Contrary popular belief, there are a lot of people who live in South Beach, and they can’t afford $100,000 vehicles. We call them locals, and when they want to try an Italian food, their first destination is Sylvano. The restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes and price range varies, but they are mostly intended for people who are looking for an affordable, but still delicious meals.


This is promoted as one of best italian restaurant in miami. If you want to feel how it looks like dining with a big Italian family, then head there during the weekends. The Chef Angelo Elia prepares traditional meals and combines authentic tastes from his family’s kitchen. The entire restaurant is decorated in such manner. This is a place when you will feel comfortable and relaxed like you are home, dining in your living room.