For decades now, tobacco has been the most lucrative business, people just love smoking cigarettes, regardless of health associated risks. When we look at the facts, millions of people around the world die every year because of smoking, but that doesn’t stop them from indulging in this habit. We could call them vice, pleasure or need, the cigarettes will continue to exist, and people will still use them. In the recent years, a new type of cigarette has appeared on the market, known as e-cigarette. It is convenient and easy to use and here are the advantages which will make you leave traditional cigarette and switch to modern one.

With e-cigarette, you don’t have restrictions

If you were to smoke a traditional cigarette, you would have to choose particular establishments which allow smoking. We all know how difficult is to achieve that when some cities even prohibit smoking on the streets. On the other hand, considering that e-cigarette releases a vapor, it is not harmful to the people around you and doesn’t have any particular smell. Most restaurants, bars, coffee shops allow their use.

It can help you stop smoking

The main idea behind this entire design is to help people quit cigarettes. If you are determined and you have will, then with the help of e-cigarette you can achieve your goals. Many people think that transition period is difficult, but you only need to overcome a three – day crisis. Of course, it is essential to forget about regular cigarettes and commit to e-cigarette completely.

It is cheaper

When you think about how much money you spend on cigarettes every month, choosing an e-cigarette should be a logical move. A weekly expense with e-cigarette would be less than $10. Of course, an initial investment can be a bit pricey, because you want to purchase a quality one, but it’s not something you can’t afford. They range in design, prices, and strength, but you can buy one for $50. When I first started smoking this type of cigarette, I found a hookah shop near me and bought one. E-cigarettes have an excellent durability; it will probably last you for two years.

There are no proven side – effects

Unlike regular cigarettes which have more than 6,000 harmful chemicals, e-cigarettes only contain medicinal nicotine. They cannot endanger your health, and you will feel more relaxed while using them. Even though many medical experts have tried to prove the harmful effect of e-cigarettes, but not one study had concrete results, which only leaves us with the thought that they couldn’t find any.

It will improve your sense of taste and sense of smell

People who are long-term smokers have lost the ability of proper smell and taste, which has an even severe consequences on your health. But, with the usage of e-cigarettes, you can retrieve these senses. Once you start smoking an e-cigarette, it will open an entirely new world to you, because you can finally experience the smells and tastes around you.