People often forget about some of the most common daily struggles that they will have to face once the cold weather comes. One of those common daily struggles that you might have is starting up a generator that is placed outside in the cold winter weather. Of course, this is something that won’t affect everyone, some people live in places where the climate is hot and they never get cold winters, but for the majority of people, this is a struggle. That’s why we have decided to create this educational article where people can learn how to start up these big generators in the cold. Commercial generators are built to withstand various weather such as hot sun, rain and snow, but every engine will have issues when the air temperature drops significantly. Here is how you should act and start the generator, but more importantly how to protect the generator from seizing up.

Engine Block Heater

durostar generatorAs previously mentioned every engine has the difficulty starting at low temperatures and there is simply nothing you can change about that other than not allowing the air around the engine block to be cold. This can be done one way and it is quite effective, it is called installing an engine block heater into your generator. You can find these heaters almost everywhere, but look for used generators for sale and ask people if they are selling the heater separately. Using this heater, you won’t have any issues with the low temperatures because it will heat up the engine block. The key thing with this device is to turn it on at least an hour before you start the generator.

Visual Inspection

One of the things you can do without any professional help is to do a visual inspection of the generator. For this, you don’t need any tools because you are only looking for broken parts or places where something might have leaked. If you happened to see some fluids on the ground, make sure to call professionals because something is not working as it supposed to. While doing the visual inspection, you might see some issues that you can fix easily by yourself, such as a loose hose. However, even then you have to know how to put it together and if something has leaked, you have to refill the liquid.

Basic Maintenance

In some cases, when you don’t have extremely low temperatures, you don’t have to use the heater, but you still have to do certain things to the generator to make it start easily. What we are suggesting here is to hire professionals to take a look at your generator and repair some damaged parts if necessary. Generators are built to be very durable, but it can happen that one part of the engine that is crucial for starting up is broken because of the weather issues. That’s why regular maintenance is always recommended.  This type of maintenance is a must if you don’t want to end up throwing away your generator after just one season of using it.