For those of you who are eager to learn insightful news from technical analysts and learn more about how our future will look like, this article might be greatly beneficial. Learn more about the trends that will be here in the near future, as well as which stocks will be popular and leading in the market.

Technology Is Leading

When it comes to valuable stocks on the market, technology stocks are not just extremely valuable at the moment, but they will also continue to rise according to technical analysts. Also, analysts not only recommend buying technical stocks, but also shares of companies such as Skyworks Solutions.

Man and tech

When you think about investing, it is important to think which sector you really want to own? According to Ari Wald, Oppenheimer’s head of technical analysts, the answer is simple – technology. This is the correct choice because this field is not just growing and expanding, but it is also estimated that it will continue to do so in the future as well.

Can You Imagine The Future Without Technology?

If you have ever seen a Sci-Fi movie, it is safe to say that you probably cannot even think of a scenario of a future that does not involve technology. We are all aware that the future which awaits us will probably be far more technologically advanced, than it is the case with the world in which we live today. However, it is essential that technology is a part of our future and our path. For those who are interested in financial investing in sectors which will only grow and expand in the future, technology and IT is the correct answer.

How Will Technology Change In The Future?

However, it is also safe to say that none of us can actually predict in which direction technology will change and evolve. There are so many IT and technology companies, that it is impossible that all of the trends and inventions will find their way to the future.

Girl tech

However, if you are planning to invest, you also have to have belief in the vision of the future and try to make the correct estimation.

Quantum Computers

Take quantum computers, for example. Even though they are still in the phase of development, it is safe to say that quantum computers will replace the existing computers when they are finally developed. Quantum computers are also much more advanced than the computers we use nowadays.

Social Media

social_media_servicesAnother thing that will definitely change in the future concerning technology is social media. The direction in which social media will further develop and change is again difficult to predict, but following trends might help you recognize the shifts as well as the current and future trends.


Also, the future has in storage for us the change of the devices we use. In the future, our smartphones might as well be replaced by devices which can be portable and used with the help of a projector making a hologram on your skin or air – which is something which is also already developed but it is not in public usage yet.