Everyone that has a backyard dreams of owning a big pool and having their own backyard heaven. The fact of the matter is once you start investing in your backyard you will notice that you can install things that will give you amazing use for the money you invest. For instance, if you build a pool you will have to invest into your deck and when it comes to investments in your deck there is no better investment than a misting system.

Misting SystemWhat is a misting system you might ask, well it’s one of that quality of life things you see in really expansive restaurants that want to cool off their guests during the hot summer days? It’s basically putting small plastic tubes that have little holes in them that will spray watery mist from above or from the side, depending on where you put them.
However, as with everything, there are positive and negative sides to a product and we will explain both of those in the following text.

– The positives

Well if you are in the business of making your little backyard heaven and you decide to make a patio misting system, you will never be able to go back to not owning one. The best thing that happened to your backyard beside the pool is the misting system as it lets everyone enjoy the backyard hot summer days while at the same time not being overly heated from the sun. The fact of the matter is if you want to just sit and read a book during the hot summer days you need to find shade, but the shade is not enough when it is so hot and dry that you need to rehydrate with a sip of water every 100 seconds. This is where the positive of the patio misting system comes into play.

It’s the best thing to refresh you and your surroundings without forcing you to break what you are doing as its automated. The misting system does not just cool you down, but the air around you, so that makes the immense summer heat a lot more bearable. But, the positives don’t just end with the system helping you, it can also keep plants watered to a certain degree and also give them some Levey during the hot days.

– The Negatives

As with every system, it all depends on how big you want to make it. A small pool won’t be as expansive as the Olympic sized one, and it’s the same with the patio misting systems. If you want to make a small to medium sized one it won’t cost you a lot, but if you have a huge backyard the price for a misting system can ramp up pretty fast. The fact of the matter is the misting system is perfect for areas where hot and dry weather dominates most of the year. If you are in an area that has lots of rainy days you won’t see much use from this system which makes it a pretty niche product.