The electrical home connector consists of an introductory cable and a distribution box. For the purchase of power connections and other power lines, there is a space intended for home connection, located on the outer wall of the ground floor. And it is important that the best Electricians assembled them.

The type and scope, as well as the place of installation of the main power supply systems and the boxes with meters, are determined according to the technical conditions for connection of the electricity supply company.

How does it all works?

Locations with meters are distributed in easily accessible areas, sometimes outside the home. The distribution within the object is carried out as it is usually through the main line from the home connection to the place with the meters. Each apartment receives electricity from each apartment.

Grounding basically increases the safety of an electrical device. The arrangement of meters is done according to the technical conditions. The circuit breaker is usually provided at the center of electricity load.

All works on electrical installations are performed exclusively by an expert, competent company. The distribution of current is carried out. The wires in their isolation are placed on the walls only vertically or horizontally or in the already defined installation zones. Special baths and special protective areas apply to the bathrooms.

In the initial phase of installing installations, it is important to take care of the installation of lightning rods and surge protection as well as electromagnetic compatibility. For proper lightning protection and overvoltage protection, as well as installation, special expertise is required.

Specific problems that we need to pay our attention to

About 42 percent of apartments and houses are ready for replacement of worn-out water and electricity installations. Financing these works is at the expense of households. Builders estimate that electrical and plumbing installations in residential and business units should be changed every 25 years. Inadequate water pipes increase water bills, and worn electrical installations often lead to a fire.

Electric current is life-threatening and we must be especially careful when we work around it. Overloading can occur if you load an existing network of an apartment with new household electrical appliances and use them all at the same time, but it can also occur if, for example, in a washing machine, whose load under normal circumstances is carried by a net, laundry get stuck and the engine stops. In such cases, the engine “pulls” out of the grid several times more current than the nominal one.

Often the overload occurs because all surfaces on our oven, even the cooker, are used simultaneously, which also can not stand the existing network. It is quite another kind of “short circuit” that usually occurs when a metal joint of a conductor is produced at different voltages, in most cases due to a failure of the insulation (for example, if a hot iron is touched by accidental isolation of the connection line).