We are definitely in the most exciting era that this world has ever seen. The future is here and rapidly it is only moving forward at a fast pace leaving nothing behind it but ruin and antiques. The more we look at the technological world the more we have to understand that nothing is set in stone and that everything can be upgraded. If you were to wait long enough the product that was considered the best would be outshined by something only a couple of months apart. The question is, how can an online business survive in such a hectic world and what must a business do to maintain its leading position once it does reach that place. The more we take a look at technology the more we have to understand the psychology of both the technology and the people who are using it. Today it’s not just enough to integrate a new app or platform into your business, you have to actively seek new methods that will upgrade your online presence and put it on a significant edge compared to the rest of the competition.

For any huge undertaking, there should be sufficient business intelligence inside the organization. If a startup wants to become a thriving business and soon enough being to be a leader in its field they will need business intelligence advisors to guide them and coordinate with each other to achieve a perfect balance between the economic side of the business and the innovative side. In an industry that is highly functional and competitive, it’s important to set goals and to always keep every employee focused on them. If we were to divide the main sub sections where the online business needs to focus its collective brain power than we would get a list such as this:

– Improving self-service
The more the company works on its inner working the better the outer layer will become.

-Intelligence assessments
If the company wants to stay competitive it must perform routine intelligence assessments to maintain the high standard within the company.

-Internal analytics
The business must constantly analyze its internal structure if it wants to always be ahead of the problem.

-Market Intelligence
Market intelligence is basically your bread and butter inside the company. Right after the financial projections, this is your second most needed company goal that must be a top priority.

-Financial projections
Constant financial projections will keep the company working towards a goal with a set of rules that must be followed at all times. This will crystallize the need to work in unity instead of having individuals breaking off after a certain period of time.

-Business model analysis
The third most important priority is the correct and detailed business model analysis, with a right plan your business will flourish, without one it will stagnate and be forgotten in the past.

-Data mining
Data mining is always important and should be rigorously monitored and constantly upgraded to include new bits of information.