With the busy schedule that everyone has today it’s hard to have enough time to sit down and have a full meal. For some people having a meal is just something they do on the fly, while they are in their car or order at home so they don’t have to cook, but for others, it’s a time where they like to reflect meditate and relax. If you are one of those people that simply have to enjoy their time while they are eating, but you are not prepared to dedicate yourself to a full-blown restaurant than we have some awesome brunch places for you. Miami, as we all know, is a huge city and getting the best brunch in miami is going to be hard to fit in just the top three, so we made a list of a few more places and we hope you like them all.

1. Blue Collar

Ever wanted to re-live the feeling of having brunch in the 60’s setting? Then this is the perfect place for you. While you order something from the menu the surrounding walls and chairs will take you back to an era where things were much simpler. Don’t hesitate to give this place your time.

2. Eating House

In the mood for some Cuban food while you drink down a nice glass of wine? Eating House is the place to be. While the setting will vibrate with a feeling of new and stylish the flavor of the food is all about Cuba. They even have the famous torrejas bread for every visitor.

3. Edge, Steak & Bar

In the mood for a bit more meat while you brunch? Edge, Steak & Bar has the exact thing you need. The place is located inside the Four Seasons Brickell and its healthy menu is full of proteins and tasty meat.

4. Glass and Vine

Now if outside is a hot day and you just don’t feel like eating heavy food than the Glass and Vine brunch will be perfect for you. Located inside the Coconut Grove’s Peacock Park it offers the best mix of nature and style. The food here is wonderful and all you have to do is decide which vine or cocktail will go with your amazing shrimp tostadas.

5. Green street Cafe

If you want to meet the locals and eat where they eat, then the Green Street Cafe is the place to be. Here you will most definitely run into a line of people waiting to get their chance to eat the best brunch in town but believe us that the waiting will be worth it for several reasons of which we won’t spoil any of them.

6. Juvia

Looking to impress somebody and still have a tasty brunch? Juvia is the place to be. With the best view over the whole Miami, the Juvia is located on the rooftop that overlooks the whole Miami beach.