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Music for Film-TV-Games Video Tutorial Music for Film-TV-Games Video Tutorial

Course Summary: Video tutorials covering all major aspects of creating music for film, television and games. Includes tutorials for composing, arranging, and producing music for media, as well as technical tutorials on video syncing and surround mixing for five popular Digital Audio Workstations and the use of a Game Audio Tool.

The Overview section discusses prominent composers, as well as the common business processes in the media industries. The Composing & Producing section covers composing, arranging, and producing music cues for media. This section explains the unique characteristics of music used to support basic emotions created in media scenes – comedy, horror, action, etc. Discussions of harmony, rhythm, arranging, orchestration, MIDI sequencing and audio mixing techniques are included.

The Video section presents the video functions in Digital Audio Workstations that are available to synchronize music cues with video, and includes technical tutorials for five DAW’s - Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Sonar, and Digital Performer. The Surround section presents an overview of 5.1 surround mixing as well as specific tutorials for the same five DAW’s. The Games section discusses the differences in integrating music with games, and includes technical tutorials on FMOD, a popular Game Audio Tool.

The course also includes extensive supplementary content:

  • PDF and MIDI files of the scores for the Emotion Cues
  • Project examples for both video syncing and surround mixing for each of five DAW’s
  • Project examples for the FMOD game audio tool
  • Media Cue Calculator spreadsheet for calculations for video syncing
  • This course is oriented primarily towards pop musicians who are looking to expand their services into the media music markets. It can also provide new insights for composers who already create scores for film, television, and game music. Additionally it can be used as supplemental training for film school students and video post production specialists.

    The Music for Media tutorials are 4 hours and 27 minutes of Adobe Flash interactive videos in DVD and digital distribution format. For detailed descriptions of the subjects covered as well as the module timings for these courses see the Music for Media tutorial descriptions.


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