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Blogged by DigiMusicDoc as Product Rants & Raves — DigiMusicDoc Tue 30 Oct 2012 9:00 am


Sonar X2 – Know It All!
Recently Cakewalk released Sonar X2, and we have now added a new training course, Sonar X2 – Know It All. This release mainly consists of new plug-ins plus a few new features as well as minor improvements to the user interface. I’m going to review these new functions in this blog.
Overloud Breverb — Mathematical Modeling Reverb
A few years ago, reverbs based on mathematical algorithms were out, and convolution reverbs were in. Now the pendulum seems to be swinging in the other direction. (Both have their advantages which we discuss in our Mixing & Mastering Course.) Thus Sonar has included a custom version of Breverb from the Italian company, Overloud. Breverb fills a gap in Sonar’s plug-in lineup created when Cakewalk discontinued the Lexicon Pantheon Reverb earlier. The only noticeable feature missing from the full plug-in available from Overloud is a post-processing gate. There are four basic reverb algorithms, each of which includes a number of parameters that can be manipulated. Since all those knobs might be overwhelming, Breverb also displays a subset of those parameters as “Smart Faders” which allow you to fiddle with the key components of the reverb sound..
Overloud Breverb2
Overloud Breverb
Overloud TH2 — Guitar FX Suite
Cakewalk also added the Overloud TH2 Guitar FX Suite to Sonar. This plug-in replaces Guitar Rig LE from Native Instruments. Both TH2 and Guitar Rig include a large variety of amplifiers, stomp boxes, FX, speaker cabinets, and microphones to emulate all of the gear Guitar Gods hook up to their axe. You can connect these modules together in a myriad of different configurations, and a number of presets with representative configurations are included. Whether or not TH2 is an improvement over Guitar Rig is basically a personal preference.
Overloud TH2
Overloud TH2 Guitar FX
Pro Channel Modules–Console Emulator, Saturation Knob, and FX Chains
Pro Channel is a feature in the Producer Edition of Sonar which is basically a different type of FX bin. Unlike the FX in the FX bin you can view and manage all of the plug-ins at the same time. You can save the settings of the particular group of plug-ins you are using as a single coordinated preset. Track Presets and FX Presets give you the same functionality, but must be defined separately. The Pro Channel feature was introduced in Sonar X1, and Cakewalk appears to be using this facility to expand their plug-in library. New Pro Channel modules in X2 include two Console Emulators and the Softube Saturation Knob, as well as an adaptation of Breverb2 and the existing FX Chains feature to Pro Channel.
The Console Emulators are designed to make your channels and buses sound like well-known analog mixing boards. The process of creating this emulation seems to involve a bit of black magic, and whether or not it results in an improved sound is probably in the ear of the beholder. The Softube Saturation Knob is the third overdrive amplifier plug-in (not including the guitar amplifiers in TH2). Thus now you have a choice of this plug-in or the Tube in Pro Channel as well as the TL-64 Tube Leveler. The TL-64 is by far the most versatile, but it is also more CPU intensive.
FX Chains are a feature in Sonar that enable you to combine and store combinations of FX, including parameter settings. Version 2 of FX Chains, introduced in X2, allows you to select and use a key subset of the plug-in controls (much like the Breverb “Smart Faders”). FX Chains can now also be used as a module in Pro Channel. The advantage of using FX Chains in Pro Channel rather than in the FX bin is mainly that you can access this key subset of plug-in controls without opening the FX Chain container.
Pro Channel Modules
Cakewalk Sonar Pro Channel
Staff View-MusicXML Export
The Sonar Staff View has always been a good tool for composing. Unfortunately, since the Staff View was never intended to be a full-fledged score editor, there are some significant limitations in formatting scores for printing. Sonar X2 provides a solution to this issue by adding the capability of exporting the Staff View in MusicXML format. MusicXML is gaining acceptance as a universal standard for the interchange of scores. Thus if you need to print scores from the Staff View with better formatting than provided by Sonar, you can export the project in MusicXML format and use an inexpensive version of a score editor, such as Finale PrintMusic, to apply the finishing touches. The other use of the Sonar MusicXML export is tablet score editors and displays. For example, here is one of the projects in our course which has been exported in MusicXML from Sonar and then imported into the iPad Notion score editor. Now you can have your entire score library created in Sonar available on your tablet device.
MusicXML-iPad Notion Score Editor
Cakewalk Sonar Music XML
Functional Enhancements
As with any new release there is the usual laundry list of minor functional enhancements. Some of the main ones are included in the list below. Our new course includes a tutorial which reviews these enhancements, and they have also been incorporated into the other tutorials. Sonar X2 is a solid upgrade to the product and well worth your consideration.
Cakewalk Sonar X2 New Features


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