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Digital Arranger Tutorial

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Digital Arranger Tutorial

Course Summary: Video tutorials covering all major aspects of composing and arranging music for production in a computer environment. Contains extensive supplementary material including scores, groove kits and discographies.

The Theory & Harmony Section presents a review of traditional music theory and harmony including scales and chords as well as melody writing and chord progressions and substitutions. The Genres Section discusses the distinguishing characteristics of music genres as well as a general model for creating musical arrangements. There is an overview of the styles, rhythms and chord progressions of the most common music genres: Pop/Rock, R&B/Urban, Jazz, Country, Latin, Rap/Hip-Hop and Dance/Electronica. The Arranging Section analyzes typical instrument ensembles and virtual instruments used in creating digital arrangements. This section also presents principles of song structure and voicing as well as selected digital production techniques and automated arranging tools. The course also includes extensive supplementary content:
  • MIDI, MusicXML scores (including guitar tabs), and audio files of all examples
  • Chord progressions and MIDI groove clips for drum and rhythm tracks for each major music genre
  • Automated scale and chord constructors
  • Discographies of major music genres including YouTube video links
  • Virtual instrument market surveys.
3 hours and 17 minutes of Adobe Flash interactive videos in data DVD format. For detailed descriptions of the subjects covered as well as the module timings for these course see the Digital Arranger Tutorial Outline.

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