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Course Summary:These Cakewalk Sonar tutorials are a complete guide to making music with Sonar.  The Quick Start section reviews the new features in Sonar X3 and includes a grand tour of Sonar functions as well editing and mixing. The Audio section provides in-depth coverage on recording, mixing and mastering digital audio using Sonar X3, including a review of the primary audio FX. The Loops & Remix section demonstrates the tools used for looping as well as time and pitch changes, including Melodyne, AudioSnap, and the Matrix View. There is a comprehensive section on MIDI which explains setting up Sonar to work with Virtual Instruments and hardware MIDI devices as well as recording and editing. Drum tools including Session Drummer and Addictive Drums are also discussed.

The Cakewalk Sonar X3 tutorials are 4 hours and 14 minutes of MP4 interactive videos in data DVD and digital download formats. For detailed descriptions of the subjects covered as well as the module timings for these courses see the Sonar X3 and Sonar X2 tutorial descriptions.

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